Air Compressors FAQ's

Will a cheap Air Compressor work for me?

In an emergency it may let you put some air in your tyres, but there is no guarantee how long it will take if you were to be able to inflate 4 tyres back to their correct pressure. There are many factors you must consider before purchasing a compressor; - How big are your tyres - Frequency of use - Will you use it again after the trip For example: A $150 pump may take hours to pump up 4 tyres in the desert. Choose a pump appropriate to your needs, not just your budget. If you buy the wrong pump you could be left stranded. We sell a huge range: from low cost imports through to the top of the range pumps like Thomas and Big Red. Gauges, fitting, puncture repair kits, and the things you will need to keep your tyres up anywhere in the bush. Personal demonstrations are available; call Piranha or our Agents.

Battery Packs/Power Banks FAQ's

Can I start my vehicle engine from a power bank?

Yes. Some power banks are designed to even start your engine.

Is a power bank an alternative to a dual battery kit?

Yes. The power bank is an alternative to a dual battery kit for people who can't or don't want to buy a dual battery system. eg. A rented or hire vehicle. Contact Piranha for more details.

What is a battery pack or power bank?

It is a neat moulded box with a battery and a 12 volt/240 volt charger, suited to running low amperage products overnight.

What sort of accessories could I run from a power bank?

You may run a wide range of accessories from lights, kid's games, and some fridges. It is possible to run some fridges overnight on a power bank.

Chains FAQ's

Can you modify, repair or alter second-hand chains?

Yes, Piranha has a wide range of spare parts and can custom modify and build chains to suit any application from your vehicle to earth moving equipment.

Do you hire chains?


I am going to a ski resort, which chains are best suited to my needs?

Diamond pattern chains are generally best for ski resorts for the following reasons: · provide you with excellent side slip protection · much quieter than a ladder pattern chain · reusable · less damage to the vehicle

What sort of chain should I be using for mud, logging, mining or rocky tracks?

The V bar tends to work better than diamond pattern chains in muddy conditions and on rocky tracks. They would be suitable for logging and mining industries. You need to check with your Piranha specialist to ensure you have a chain that will suit your needs and vehicle.

Which wheel do I fit Chains to?

On a front wheel drive car always fit them to the front wheels. On a 4WD, you would generally fit them to the front for traction and steerage, unless climbing a steep hill when you may fit them on the rear wheels or all 4 tyres.

Dual Battery FAQ's

Can I simply put an isolator between my two standard batteries and save money?

No this will halve your starting capacity and in cold conditions your vehicle may not start. It was designed to be like this. You cannot convert your starting Batteries into a "proper" Dual Battery System for running accessories.

Do I need to run similar batteries?

If you use a voltage sensing system you don't need to run similar batteries, as each battery charges at it own specific rate. We recommend you use a Starting Battery as your main battery and a Deep Cycle as the auxiliary.

I have a solenoid system in my 4WD. Do I need to upgrade to an Electronic Isolator?

Solenoids are an old method and archaic in design, but they have their place. If you have a modern EFI vehicle, fitting a solenoid is as inappropriate as wooden spoke car wheels; unsafe and bloody stupid! They are unsafe for two reasons: No spike or surge protection to protect modern electrics, Parallels batteries, so a faulty battery is masked so you could be stranded without knowing. On a new EFI vehicle, you cannot always start a vehicle with a little power; you need sufficient voltage to keep the computer happy.

I have an old battery sitting at home in the shed. Can I use it as an auxiliary battery?

Yes you can use an old battery as an auxiliary, but it may not give you the performance that you want or need. A battery is a very important part of the battery system. Especially if you are planning a long decent trip, you will need a new strong reliable high quality battery matched by a good isolator and cradle. There is no point installing a strong cradle and electronic isolator if you still have one major weak point in the system; the old battery from the shed at home.

I have read your Dual Battery brochure and I am confused, I have an electric winch and I like to go on long holidays. Which is the best system for my needs?

Please come and talk to us, we can give you all the options. It is best if you come into our showroom or visit one of our distributors, it is the easiest way to answer all of your questions and show you our range of products.

My vehicle came from the factory with 2 batteries as standard. Does that mean that I have Dual battery system?

They are electronically paralleled together for starting the vehicle, not for running accessories; they will charge and discharge together. Our interpretation of a Dual Battery System is when the batteries are charged at their own rate and they are electronically separated when you switch off the ignition. The answer is not necessarily.

What's a Dual Battery Kit going to cost?

That depends on the options that you choose: - Battery - Isolator - Plugs and sockets - All accessories wired to the second battery - Radio - Fridge - Etc. Personalised quotations are based on your requirements, so contact Piranha or a local distributor for a proper firm quote in writing.

Will a Deep Cycle Battery start my car or 4WD?

Yes, a Deep Cycle Battery will start your car or 4WD. They have less Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) than a conventional start battery but will start a Diesel vehicle with ease.

Inverters FAQ's

How are inverters tested?

Inverters are tested to two ratings: continuous rating and a peak rating which is sustainable for a short time (starting). Due to the comprehensive choice and design it is critical you choose an appropriate inverter for your needs. Contact Piranha for more details.

What inverter do I need?

Inverters are divided into two categories: pure sine wave versus modified sine wave or quasi sine wave. Of these two basis types, most are those driven by copper wound transformers.

Looms FAQ's

How does it work?

A Piranha headlight or driving light wiring loom kit is manufactured out of the highest quality ultra low resistance multi strand automotive cable. All joins are soldered and crimped. Ultra high quality soft switching anti surge relays are used in conjunction with the finest possible quality fuse holders and waterproof enclosures. Like most things in life, it isn't just one thing that makes it work so well. It is a combination of all the elements working together to ensure the best possible results.

Why do I need a loom on my 4WD headlights or Driving Lights?

Depending on the temperature your vehicle operates at will dictate which pump and heat exchanger is suitable. However, the only way to answer these questions is to call Piranha or an agent to discuss the options.

Solar Panels FAQ's

Which Solar Panel is best for me?

It is best to discuss this question with Piranha or you're nearest Agent. We will ask your needs and can offer advice about which technology would suit you best, your different power requirements, what sort of vehicle is it for? (4WD Shed, Yacht, Caravan).