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4WD TV Kimberley Trip Jul-Aug 2104

Water Crossings and Diff Breathers

Piranha Off Road's Dual Battery System Compatibility with your Fridge, accessories and requirements

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Piranha Offroad along with 4wd TV transform a standard Suzuki Vitara LWB from a factory family wagon into an awesome offroad machine.

We will be pimping the Suspension, Wheels & Tyres, installing a Body Lift and Flares, a steel Bull Bar & Winch, Bashplates & Sliders, Diff Breathers, Upgraded Lighting, a Dual Battery System, Snorkel and Air Locker.

In this segment we get started by installing the Body Lift.

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With the body lift complete, we give the Vitara some much needed offroad performance gains in the form of a Suspension Upgrade, new Wheels and Mud Terrain Tyres.

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Ensuring the Vitara is fully road legal, we install flares to cover the new tyres, and give the motor some vital protection by installing a Safai Snorkel.

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Today we install the front end protection - an ARB Steel Bull Bar, a Tigerz11 Winch, and a custom front end Bash Plate.

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Protection is the goal on this segment of Pimping the Zook - we install Diff Breathers, custom Rock Sliders and upgrade the Lighting.

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In the final instalment of Pimping the Zook, we install the Dual Battery System, and ARB Air Locker.

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Check out Alan's competition spec Vitara, showing just what can be done with the little Suzuki.

Piranha Offroad install a set of custom flares to Danny's 80 Series Landcruiser.

Alan Johnson discusses what features should be looked for when shopping for a modern dual battery controller.

Alan from Piranha Offroad does his magic on Simon and Miranda's 4wd TV GU Patrol. ABS means that there is no room under the bonnet for the second battery but the Black Widow draw system is the ideal place for a sealed AGM Exide Orbital.

Alan covers the basics on one of his top selling items. Diff breathers are inexpensive but they offer incredible protection for more than you think.

Alan and Denis from Piranha Offroad discuss the popular options in modern batteries from Exide.

Alan and Denis open a can of worms on how to charge different types of batteries.

Taken from a recent episode of YOUR4X4 (produced by the same team as 4wd TV), this story gives an overview of what 4wdrivers need from their battery and charging system.

Alan Johnston talks about Victorian laws covering wheel flares and mud flaps on 4wds.

Alan Johnson is one of Australia's true Suzuki nuts and he has owned just about every model of Suzuki 4x4 (and probably still has them all in his shed). Here he talks about some of the ingenious modifications he does to Jimnys.

Alan from Piranha Offroad dispels some common automotive globe myths.

Part of a series of stories on why modern vehicles require a modern dual battery management system, this story focuses on the obsolete solenoid system.

With a lifetime of 4x4 experience, Alan Johnston is a wealth of knowledge on all matters 4wd. Here he talks about some basic check items before you head off on that dream trip.

Alan Johnson, the founder of Piranha Offroad, tells us what features a 4wd ready Dual battery system must have.

Danny Sparks-Cousins from YOUR4X4 and 4wd TV gets his 80 Series pimped by Alan Johnston who fits upgraded headlights, globes and his legendary Super Loom headlight wiring system.

Alan Johnston discusses the features and benefits of fitting a Super Loom headlight wiring upgrade.

Alan Johnson from Piranha Offroad answers some of the common questions about Dual Battery systems.