Battery Monitors/Protectors


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Dual Battery Monitor


This Dual Battery Monitor is designed to provide a guide indicating voltages on your Main and Auxiliary batteries in a dual battery set up or just a Main or just an Auxiliary when used in a single battery set up. Features


  • 3 digit display with bar graph
  • Visual warnings for Low and Over voltage
  • Compact design Both Main & Auxiliary available simultaneously Can be used for single battery as well.
  • Automatic dimming Easy mounting




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Battery Monitor

The Digital Battery Monitor is designed as a simple but effective way to keep an eye on the voltages of your Main and Aux battery systems.

  • Accurate Digital Voltage readout
  • Hi reading when above 15 Volts
  • Lo reading when below 10 Volts
  • Dims with headlights
  • Can be connected directly to DBE180SX



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Battery Monitor / Protector

  • Size (mm) 57 (W) x 22 (H) x 54 (D)

The NEW microprocessor controlled design provides superior reliability & accuracy as well as super low power consumption (ONLY 6ma) when in idle state. It also extends battery life by limiting how much power can be drained from the battery by the fridge that is connected to the DBM4.

NEW LED indicators for Functions

  • AUX Voltage Display
  • MAIN Voltage Display
  • WARNING that the fridge has been disconnected from power
  • OVERIDE mode
  • LOW and HIGH battery status


  • Dimmable with headlights
  • Can be switched OFF when not in use
  • User selectable protection level of 10.5V or 11.8V
  • Australian Designed and Built using quality SMT technology
  • Industrial style connector simplifies installation
  • Powder Coated Metal Case
  • Installation kit included
  • 3-year warranty

(5-year warranty if purchased in the Piranha DBE 180SX+ kit)