Tyre Removal and Repair


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Amerseal Tyre Life Enchancer & Puncture Prevention

Treatment - 1 Litre (2 litres = 4 Tyre Application)


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El Cheapo' Tire Levers (Genuine Putty Metal)


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Gedore' No: 38 Tyre Levers - German (400mm)


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Piranha Puncture Repair Kit

Includes Tubeless and Tubed Tyre Repair Kit, Valve Tool, Valves and Caps in a Handy Carry Case.


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Piranha T.A.R.S. Tyre & Rim Separator Jaws

This is a product that has taken 100 years to evolve to its current state. Based on a 1909 design from the USA, the T.A.R.S is the development which allows the most difficult bead to be easily broken.

The T.A.R.S system employs an over centered lever, to engage the jaws, then a simple acro-thread to separate the bead from the rim.

The T.A.R.S are so simple, it's child's play.

Piranha Off Road can supply you with all the recovery gear you will need for your next off road 4wd trip.


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Puncture Repair Kit Heavy Duty


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Tubed Tyre Puncture Repair Kit