Solar Challenge

It is on, once more, the Aussie Outback Solar Challenge will be again attempted with a planned start date of 06/09/17 to the 13/08/17

The Team Optima Suzuki has been checked over, refitted with a full set of Optima D31A yellow top batteries, solar panels checked and reloaded. What could possibly go wrong !!

The attempt has again been logged as a  Guinness World Record attempt and the official starting point will be Alkasaltzer Bore and finish at Birdsville. There is a lot of preparation that goes into such a trip and Team Optima has been busy tracking the likely weather, preparing the vehicle and redesigning the solar panel array to maximise the output. This will be a real life test of the 3 X Optima battery packs (4 batteries per pack), backed by Johnson Controls Australia Ltd. While it is a “Solar Challenge” you still have to store the suns energy and release it as required, so your storage batteries will be vital to the success of the venture.

They will be going over the trip plan to optimise run time, against recharging times, because this is not only a record attempt, but we have a competitor to make things interesting.

That’s right, TEAM WHITE has also got a Suzuki and will be attempting the same record and leaving at the same time. The Mark & Denny French Suzuki is a combination of older vehicle filled with high tech Lithium battery packs, advanced regulators and the latest design in electric motors. 


WE will update as the event draws closer and there will also be updates on

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