AE4018BK1 - GME - UHF Elevated Feed Antenna, BLK 6.6dBi

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Product Overview

When a strong versatile whip and elevated feed base is required, the AE4018BK1 is hard to pass up. It combines a high quality elevated feed antenna base with GMEs most popular fibreglass whip and a heavy duty barrel style black spring. The whip is made from durable fibreglass with braided/ precision wound copper element, black heat shrink and chrome plated ferrule and is secured to the ALB017B elevated feed. Provide 6.6dBi gain, this antenna assembly is a fantastic all round antenna for use where a spring option is required for constant heavy use, particularly off-road!

Product Details
Elevated feed and fibreglass whip with Black heat shrink
Heavy duty braid copper element
Barrel style heavy duty black stainless steel barrel spring
Length 95cm
Gain 6.6 dBi
Ground independant
4.5 m low loss foam Coaxial cable and PL259


(No reviews yet) Write a Review