IGNsense - 12V Ignition Sensor

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Product Overview

Piranha Off Road is proud to announce we have been appointed the sole NATIONAL DISTRIBUTOR for this exciting NEW and INNOVATIVE Australian designed and made product, that provides a safe and quick solution, to finding an ignition source on ANY vehicle !!

This is good news for the automotive, mining ,marine ,commercial industries and especially good news for the Four Wheel Drive market.

As most of us have experienced, it is becoming more difficult to quickly identify an ignition source to trigger our accessories and we could run the risk of poking and probing in the wrong spot !! Installing this new IGNsense product does not void the vehicle warranty in any way. In fact it is installed with out compromising the vehicle at all.

The IGNsense is a brand NEW way of detecting an ignition source, it does not rely on voltage sensing alone and is the latest in fully electronic Microprocessor design.

For something so small it does so much !!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review