Lithium-ion Multi Function Jump Starter - Extra Heavy 1400A CCA

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Product Overview

Weight (kg) 1.5kg

Powerful capability to jump start cars with 12v batteries.

12V jump start (1400A Peak CCA) Suitable for 4WD’s, including Petrol and Diesel
20,000mAh lithium battery
Includes LED Torch
Includes 2 USB ports to charge phones, tablets etc
Includes Smart Safety cable which has reverse polarity protection
Smart Safety fuse includes reset button. This is very important for when you are out in the bush. If the fuse blows, you need to be able to reset it, otherwise you will be stranded without your jumpstarter

Capacity: 16,800mAh

Input: 15V/1A

Output 5V/2.1A

12V jump start

Peak current: 1400A CCA

Charging time 6 Hrs

Operation temp:: -20℃ ~60℃

Lifetime: >1000 cycles Protections Short circuit proof,over charge proctection and discharge protection


Carry Case,Home charger x 1, Car charger x 1, Jumper clamps x 1, Mobile connectors, Instruction manual x 1


(No reviews yet) Write a Review