Piranha Fridge Slide

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Product Overview

Fridge slide suits:

Engel 29 litre
Engel 32 litre
Engel 40 litre
Waeco CF40
Waeco CF50
Waeco CF60
Piranha Fridge Slide features:

Holds 130kg when fully extended
Locks in both open closed positions
Double Lock when closed to ensure no movement while travelling
8mm Stainless Steel locking bar
Opening leaver lifts up avoiding accidental release
New improved parking pads to avoid excessive wear on bearings and reduce rattles
Super Tough Powder coated, one piece steel chassis
Laser cut for minimal joins
3-year warranty (conditions apply)
Manufactured, designed and built in Australia
Comes with tie down straps
Dimensions: (Length x Width x Height in Millimeters)

Internal: 715 x 385 x 60
External Closed: 760 x 455 x 80
External Open: 1475 x 455 x 80


(No reviews yet) Write a Review