Super Loom

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Product Overview

Lights are bright as they should be!

Ever wondered why your 4WD headlights aren't as bright as they could be? Piranha Off Road Products has done something about it and it's called SUPER LOOM.

This clever product completely eliminates the voltage drop that causes dull yellow beams.

SUPER LOOM uses high grade 6mm wire, purpose built relays with separate 30 amp plug-in fuses for high and low beam, and comes equipped ready to go with plug-in terminal blocks, making installation a breeze.

Most Japanese 4WD vehicles use 2.5mm wire into the standard headlights thus typically only providing 9.5 to 10.5 volts at the bulb. Obviously 12 volt lights cannot perform to their best with this type of voltage loss.


Fully soldered contacts
Top grade 6mm wire used on all looms
Available in two and four headlight looms
Economy and self-fit models
Water proof fuse holders and plug-in terminal blocks
LISL is designed for Single High/Low headlights ie: To Suit Hilux, To Suit GQ Patrol, etc. For vehicles with negative switching on the factory headlight loom, you may require a Circuit Completer (LICC or LICC70)

‘Piranha Off Road products are not associated in any way with Toyota Australia or any of its related companies’


(No reviews yet) Write a Review